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I’m a former industrial chemist, and after deciding on a career change while at home with my two young children, I’m now a qualified pastry chef. In 2009 I started taking some classes in cake decorating and other pastry-related cookery, and taught myself many more decorating techniques from books and internet resources. In 2010 I started a pastry apprenticeship, studying Retail Baking (Cake & Pastry) Certificate III at TAFE, which I completed with Distinction in 2012. I completed my apprenticeship in December 2013, and am now working as a full time Pastry chef and Cake Decorator at 'Exquisite Cakes by Lennert' in Cessnock, NSW.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Adventures...

It's a new finacial year, and today is the day that I officially step up from hobby to business.  I don't have an ABN yet and I don't expect to make enough money in my first year to trouble the tax-man, but as of today I'm operating from a separate business account and keeping proper financial records.  My new-look Facebook page is also now online at, with this vision of pink roses and ivy starring as my new profile picture.

This is my first "wedding cake" ... it's a real cake, but not for a real wedding. I loved the way the flowers for our anniversary cake turned out so much that I kept them to make this wedding cake, which is now the "face" of my business. Even though it was only made for a photo-shoot, I still made a real cake because I wanted to get a feel for the "construction" side of making a multi-tiered cake before I was actually asked to make one. I also wanted to try another new flavour, Jaffa mud cake... in the wake of the Choc-Mint mud cake success, I really wanted to try a jaffa cake as Rohan and I are both huge fans of the chocolate-orange flavour combination. The jaffa worked just as well as the choc-mint, and I've added both to my list of flavours available for customer's cakes.

And here it is, the same photo starring on my first business card!  I had a bit of fun on Vistaprint playing around with designs, but this is the one I kept coming back to.  I've gone with my own name, so technically the business name is "Kylie Skellams" and Special Occasion Cakes is what I do... saves coming up with and paying to register another business name, and this way I can use my personal tax file number for business activities so there's a lot less hassle and paperwork.  Interesting times ahead... let's see where this new venture takes me!

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