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I’m a former industrial chemist, and after deciding on a career change while at home with my two young children, I’m now a qualified pastry chef. In 2009 I started taking some classes in cake decorating and other pastry-related cookery, and taught myself many more decorating techniques from books and internet resources. In 2010 I started a pastry apprenticeship, studying Retail Baking (Cake & Pastry) Certificate III at TAFE, which I completed with Distinction in 2012. I completed my apprenticeship in December 2013, and am now working as a full time Pastry chef and Cake Decorator at 'Exquisite Cakes by Lennert' in Cessnock, NSW.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spring has sprung!

September is here, it’s a beautiful day, and I have the first session of my Beginner’s Cake Decorating class this evening. A great way to start a new month, considering how all of my baking plans for late August spiraled into a dismal black hole. I had two projects planned for last week, and when one fell through I planned another, but coming down with a cold on Thursday night was the death knell for all of them.

I was going to bake and decorate a flourless chocolate cake for D&D on Friday night, and do some fondant-covered cupcakes for a picnic on Sunday. First the picnic was postponed by a month. That freed up Saturday, so I offered to make a mud cake for Rohan to take to his other D&D group (no gluten issues there!) on Saturday night. I made some chocolate roses and leaves on Wednesday night as planned, but Thursday was a disaster waiting to happen.

I had a lousy night’s sleep on Wednesday night, and on Thursday I was so tired and useless, it took until late in the afternoon to even get the cake cooked. The kids had been sick with colds since Sunday, and by Thursday evening I could feel it was getting to me as well. I abandoned plans to decorate the cake that night, having already decided not to go to playgroup in the morning. But I woke up on Friday with a full-blown cold and had to cancel D&D anyway.

So that was the end of that. The flourless chocolate cake was actually quite nice (very rich, much like a mud cake texture), but it didn’t end up getting decorated. I still felt lousy on Saturday, so I didn’t even attempt to make the mud cake for Rohan either. All in all, it was a rather disastrous week. Anyway, August is over, it’s a brand new month, and I’m looking forward to learning some new tricks at my class tonight.

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