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I’m a former industrial chemist, and after deciding on a career change while at home with my two young children, I’m now a qualified pastry chef. In 2009 I started taking some classes in cake decorating and other pastry-related cookery, and taught myself many more decorating techniques from books and internet resources. In 2010 I started a pastry apprenticeship, studying Retail Baking (Cake & Pastry) Certificate III at TAFE, which I completed with Distinction in 2012. I completed my apprenticeship in December 2013, and am now working as a full time Pastry chef and Cake Decorator at 'Exquisite Cakes by Lennert' in Cessnock, NSW.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hello World!

Three years ago today, I was exactly forty weeks pregnant with my first child and desperately not wanting to go into labour. “When’s your baby due? 1st of August? Oh, horses birthday!” No offense to those who share their birthday with the horses (and Happy Birthday if you do!) but I was so fed up with hearing that comment throughout my entire pregnancy that I just didn’t want it to happen.

So on this day in 2006, I was sitting at home doing as little as possible, not wanting to move for fear of bringing on contractions. Not so the 6th, when overdue and over being pregnant, I went for a walk to try to hurry things along a little. It worked a treat, and on the 7th of August, my husband Rohan and I welcomed our gorgeous little boy Cameron into the world. A year and almost eight months later, we were blessed again with the arrival of our beautiful baby girl Rebecca (born squarely on her due date – I have no gripe with the 29th of March!) and our family was complete.

I was an industrial chemist until a month before Cameron was due. I’d worked in a coal testing laboratory for almost twelve years, which was probably about three or four too many. I was no longer happy working in the industry, so I stayed at home to be a full time mother after Cameron was born. The only question that remained was, what do I do with the rest of my life once the kids grow up? Late last year I decided that Pastry Chef was the way of the future, and more recently, I’ve developed an interest in cake decorating.

With Cameron’s third birthday rapidly approaching, and his birthday cake to be my first serious attempt at decorating since I began to explore the world of edible art, now seems like as good a time as any to start documenting my quest to become a pastry chef slash cake decorator. This will be where I record my experiences and experiments, my success stories, and hopefully not to many failures. Here goes!

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